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Hans Brunk lives a life filled with travel, art and adventure.

“I'm pleased to share images that reflect my perception of the world. While looking through my photography, my goal is that the viewer will take a pause from their everyday life, a moment to appreciate and be mystified, a moment where the viewer can deeply concentrate on the many focal points of a busy street or completely relax gazing over the horizon on a sandy beach. Hopefully, the work will take you on a seamless adventure through varying scenes. “ -Hans

Hans has a very diverse photo portfolio with aspirations of further expansion. He has been featured many times in magazines such as “Photographer’s Forum” as well as appearing in multiple gallery shows. Hans has been fortunate to call many places home. He has spent extended periods in 4 continents, with ambitions of reaching all 7. His first love is nature and the outdoors, whereas his photography reflects that. Bold colors and powerful landscapes fill this portfolio. However, street photography has not been forgotten. The ability to capture subtle moments in bustling cities has been praised and featured numerous times. His portfolio is also layered with Lifestyle themes and Portraits as well as personal projects pushing the boundaries in mixing nature and street photography.

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